Life Balancer no.01

  17 x 5 x 11.5 ft.
  steel, FRP, plant, soil, mixed media
  W: 520 D: 150 H: 350(cm)

Balance scale for measuring a weight of life

Is it possible to weigh the value of each life? This is a balance scale for measuring the weight of life.
We eat vegetables and meat to survive, cut down trees to build houses, skin animals for fur to protect ourselves against the cold. The weight of all lives may have been equal at some point, but somewhere along the way, we have come to deprive others of life for our own luxury and gain. Yet, conversely, we attempt to protect and conserve endangered species. We don’t feel guilty about killing cows and pigs, or pulling out weeds, but it is a focus of criticism to kill “intelligent animals” and to destroy rare trees and plants. We demarcate which lives we can take and which are protected by religions, cultural traditions, the ethics of epoch, and so on. However the line of demarcation is ambiguous these days. All lives might have equal value, but still it seems there are differences between two different lives.
This version is a comparison of life value between Western and Eastern plants)







Exhibition views "Rokko meets ART 2013"